Monday, March 28, 2011

EXPRESSION OF STYLE: What's Your Style Recipe?

There are many important parts that make up your own unique recipe of style, but there's always the key main ingredients that are most important! Add all of the key ingredients & your well on your way to developing a killer style! I will elaborate weekly on all of the key ingredients... This week is Image!

Add 1 equal part *  Image/Wardrobe/Fashion Sense: What you wear makes up about 75% of someone's first impression of you! The image you portray is the start of what others will view you as before you even have the chance to open your mouth and say a single word. That initial impression is usually the basis on which people will monitor your every move, word, & action without notice. So make sure your gear is always on point & giving off a positive impression of who you are.

 Just because style/ fashion is an expression of who you are does not mean you should wear whatever you want in any social setting/ event. At times you must take heed to the message you want to convey. Clothing speaks volumes in a language of it's own, so you must be aware of what your clothes are saying about you! You should want to leave a positive lasting impression verses a negative one.

Your wardrobe should consist of VARIETY, variety, & oh yeah, more variety! You should know when & where to wear what's appropriate. Here's an example...

~ Let's say you get an invitation to the most exclusive, the most grande black tie gala of the year, where only dignitaries & the "who's who" will be in attendance...  You SHOULD NOT, & DARE NOT wear the following: (I'm 100% all for expressing yourself through style & individualism b/c thats me, but there are some boundaries)

Cute... But DON'T!

Gentlemen: Although quite stylish you just do not wear the following to a "Black Tie Gala" designer jeans/khakis, button up shirt and or sweater, a sports jacket/ blazer, with combat boots or designer sneakers/shoes! You just don't! A Tuxedo or a nice tailored (DARK) suit are what's appropriate. (You can definitely make the tux your own by sprucing it up with the right accessories)
No Comment!
You Really Have To Ask??


Ladies: Although quite stylish in a different setting, you just don't wear the following to a "Black Tie Gala" a short, tight, skimpy, cocktail dress or "Freak'em Dress"! No skirts, leggings, shorts or boots! A nice tailored gown, LBD, or dress, accessorized to your liking is key!


FIERCE "Freak'Em Dress"... But Not for Black Tie

Again those looks might be stylish to some, but they're just inappropriate at a "Black Tie Gala", let alone any gala ... Even "Black Tie Optional".  Just like you wouldn't wear a tux or a gown to the office, it's all about common sense, & style etiquette! As always, make it your own, use common sense ! Stand out & make your mark by leaving a strong, lasting, positive impression!



Great Look, just not for Black Tie

Are you serious???

All for self expression, but thisis a bit much!

Female Suits can be tricky, but this is such a DO!

Both Do's!!
LBD Twist... DO IT!

I Do I Do I Doooooo... Lol Sorry, It's A Do Fellas!

Stay Fresh... Until Next Time  (More Ingredients to the style recipe, so stay tuned to the E.O.S.)

Smootches!   Heleena Norvette

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