Sunday, January 16, 2011

Launch Party, EXPOSE Dec 4th 2010

Our launch party was a huge success!  We conquered our goal and mission , to provide people with a bold yet refreshing evening while bridging the gap between fashion & social awareness. Our launch party was held at the beautiful National Center of Afro American Artists in Roxbury (visit it if you haven't already!) and we collaborated with AIDS Action Committee to help raise awareness. We were able to share a magical evening amongst our friends, peers, fashionistas, and local artists.  So to all of you, a Special Thank You for sharing the magical moment with us!!

Special shout out to High Impact Photography and DJ El Amado! View more pictures at


  1. Yo dat is what u call a launch..u guys did it.. keep it coming.

  2. Yo Stevie u dat dude, and ur team is fresh!! im waiting for more... we need yall in this city. Much Blessings to Urbanfresh

  3. YO!!! Rizzo... good look OG i really appreciate you. Please continue to support us