Monday, January 31, 2011

Expression Of Style

For as long as I can honestly remember, I've always been intrigued by fashion! I loved everything Bold, Avant-Garde, "Risque", Rock & Roll, Chic, & of course Designer! What can I say? I was exposed from an early age!
I'd always watch my mother so intricately while she dressed & applied her make up. It was a process so nonchalant but meticulously precise! I studied her & wanted to be just like her (go figure). My sister & I loved playing 'dress up" in all of her designer clothes (of course when she wasn't home haha!). So naturally when it came down to matters of my own style it was fitting for it to be " My Perogative", I wore what I wanted if it felt right.

I admired shopping more than anything, more than Barbies, more than Cabbage Patch Kids, even more than Chuck E. Cheese! Whenever we went shopping, I'd literally get lost in my own world. I'd be picking out all of the shoes/outfits that I thought were cute, & for some strange reason in my elementary mind it made sense & felt right! But Most of all, it Looked RIGHT!
 I thank her for always allowing me to be ME!

... Heleena Norvette

Here are some of my earliest memories of what style was & still is... My "Stycons"

(Stay Tuned for next week's Expression of Style Column where I discuss... "What Is Style?" )

Stay Fresh... Until Next Time

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